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Atlas of Applewood
The following is a list of notable places in Applewood:

Applewood University:
Founded in 1934, Applewood U. is small college with a eclectic set of courses offered. In fact, it’s one of their main selling points. They get only about 4,000 freshmen a year, but that influx of students helps not only the University, but the town. Located at the northern end of town

Southeast Mercy General Hospital:
Originally just a small series of rooms and a handful of nurses, SW Mercy has grown into a major teaching hospital, serving 4 counties, and doing some surprisingly cutting edge research. Located in the south-east of town.

It’s a Wal-Mart (and arguably one of the largest employers in town). It has a McDonald’s and an auto-center. Located in the center of town.

Breezy Meadows:
Breezy Meadows is a suburb founded in the late 50’s. The houses are in generally good repair, but are showing their age. Most locals live here. Located on the western edge of town.

The Orchard:
Possibly the first structure ever built in Applewood, and in fact, where the town gets it’s name. An old apple orchard, it has a few farm houses and a barn. Currently owned by the Children of the Sun. Located on the east side of town.

Green Memorial Park:
A large, grassy park that leads into a public part of the woods the envelop Applewood. There are several paths and trails for bikes and hikers alike. Located in the northwest area of Applewood.

The Panther:
Probably the most popular bar among students. The beer’s cheap, and the bouncers are known to have conveniently bad eyesight. Located just south of the University.

H.P. Blotters:
Definitely the most popular bar among the locals. The beer is a bit more expensive than the Panther’s, but considerably better (and so’s the company, most regulars will tell you), and it’s got nowhere near the police record. Located about a block east of the Hospital.

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